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The case is unusual because Elizabeth “Beth” Kurish, who was alone in Columbus, had parked her car in a northbound rest area and probably was struck in the southbound lanes after she had walked across the median to a southbound rest area. Kurish, a longtime registered nurse from Lorain, was remembered at her funeral Friday as a cheerful, compassionate and dedicated 30-year employee who worked recently in the emergency room at University Hospitals Elyria Medical Center. Home PageOne of seven children, Kurish was taught by her mother, also a nurse, to serve others, said her sister Denise Boisvenue, 62. “My mom instilled in all of us a loving, caring compassion … to do what the Lord did for people,” said Boisvenue, a Florida resident visiting for the funeral. The State Highway Patrol hopes to solve two mysteries. “Ultimately, you want to find the vehicle that struck her and left the scene,” said patrol Lt. Robert Sellers. “But we’d also like to know why she left her vehicle.” The rest areas are between Polaris Parkway and Routes 36/37. Crashes involving two vehicles leave much more debris and can be easier to solve than pedestrian deaths.

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PXRB is currently undervalued. A purchase price of $77,000,000 for NVIV brings great value to PXRB shareholders. We can see a patent deal with Reynolds putting value back into the NVIV business unit, then complementing the PXRB Neuroscaffold platform. team buying NVIVs bad mgmt. team and Reynolds Therapeutics applying Great R&D mgmt. principles to regain the Neuroscaffold shareholder value. We will turn the NVIV SCI innovation engine BACK-ON to complement PixarBios SCI Neuro-trauma Innovative R&D Portfolio, and PixarBio Mgmt. will monetize the NVIV value. PixarBios Post-surgical pain treatment market is HUGE at 92,000,000 yearly surgeries in USA, representing revenue opportunity that exceeds $30B per year In addition to the surgical market, PixarBio acute/chronic pain treatment such as cancer, sports injuries, trauma, degenerative disease, diabetic neuropathy and many others and those acute/chronic pain markets exceed $40B per year NVIV has a potential market of about 12,000 people paralyzed per year in the USA, but has targeted through FDA application just a tiny subset of the 12,000 injuries, possibly as low as 50 SCI injuries per year, and PXRB can solve that problem expanding the SCI market opportunity near 4,000 treatments per year Reynolds Therapeutics will help balance the risk for NVIV shareholders for the small market risk of acute spinal cord injury with PXRBs Huge Post-surgical pain mkt. potential PixarBios Neuro-trauma R&D portfolio helps mitigate NVIV investor risks In Q4 2016, Frank Reynolds took PXRB Public at $2.00 per share closing 12/31/2016 at $4.59 per share for a 129% ROI in 2016. NVIV was down ~46% PixarBio, The inventor of NeuroRelease, a potential morphine replacement thats non-addictive and non-opiate is undervalued since October 31, 2016, when it became publicly traded.

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tips for medical interview

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