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Daquilante said Tyler County has a couple of transgender students who currently use the restrooms consistent with the gender on their birth certificate. She wasnt this content aware of requests to use a different bathroom. Some of them dont want to draw more attention to themselves, she said. She said they have no immediate plans for a policy but may eventually have to enact one. Upshur (3,794 students) Superintendent Roy Wager first said his county would look at requests on a case-by-case basis, but later said it was school attorneys view that the district had no choice but to follow federal law, which trumps state law. He noted the government could withhold federal funds otherwise. Wager said the county hasnt had to deal with the issue. He said they do have one transgender student, but that student and the students parents asked that the student use a unisex bathroom, and the school district complied. Wayne (7,315 students) Superintendent didnt respond to requests for comment. Webster (1,407 students) Superintendent Scott Cochran said he would handle each situation case-by-case.

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Training Day Will Beall interview Theyre in the car and Bonuses Denzel, Alonzo, has this amazing speech to him, this heartfelt speech where he says, Ive been in that seat. I know its terrible to see how things really get done out here, but Im telling you stick with me. This is the way it needs to happen. This is how things get done. Trust me, you stick with me Its almost like a version of the only thing that was good in any of the Star Wars prequels is read what he said when Palpatine says to him, You wanted to live a life of conscience, of significance. Its his version of talking about the subtleties of the Force, right? Then after that, the movie takes a radical turn where he takes Ethan Hawke to the gang guys house and you realize, oh shit, hes just a bad guy. Hes going to kill him. That moment where you dont completely know where Denzel is at. Wait, is he a good guy? What hes saying makes sense to me but Ive just seen him kill this guy.

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