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When networks and studios start to fear a lessening in profits due to competition from outlets (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon) who are now producing their own content, theyre going to look for ways to save money. One of their favorites is, and always has been, finding ways to pay actors less for example, hiring fewer actors as series regulars and making more roles non contract recurring roles. see this pageFurther, theyre turning what were formerly full guest star roles (where the actor was hired for the entire episode and paid top of the show) to one day guest star roles where theyre paid a fraction of that rate. And then smaller guest star roles turn into co-star roles and drop in pay accordingly, and so on down the line. to this that, instead of the old model of 2224 episode seasons, we now have networks opting for Event TV: one-off 1013 episode series that are more competitive with some of the newer outlets models of quality over quantity 610 episode seasons. It can now take up to four current shows to equal the number of episodes in what was, until recently, one typical network show. So what is there to do? On the business level, start expressing your grievances surrounding the whole guest star/co-star issue to your union, so that when contracts come up for negotiation, SAG-AFTRA presents a strong united front. On the creative levelthere is hope! Here are two things you can do that will help you not only get a job but have a career.

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